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My best works can be found on Dribbble and Behance.

In case you need to design your website, here I am. I just love creating landing pages. Your product will be shown to prospective customers at its best. More than 50 landings were designed by me during last six years, both for customers and for my own projects.

My rate is $120 per hour. Not only my services as a skilled designer are included but as an entrepreneur and marketing specialist as well.

My design is not just intended to be valued by other designers. Its first and foremost task is to boost your sales.

Design a landing page

Also, I can perform your web site analysis. If you think it is capable of making you more income, let's try and make it real. What should be changed in your website to make you satisfied with your business?

The first thing to check is if there is a consumer demand in your business niche. This can be easily done with Keyword Planner: just type in your specific keywords and see how many people are looking for it. The higher is the number of such people, the bigger your business can grow.

Both your website and your product must have clear USP and target audience - you need to understand exactly who your customer is. Selling hammers you should advertise it at a construction site, not in a flower store.

Once you are fixed with the target audience, you may set up some Ad campaigns on Facebook or with Google Adwords to attract visitors to your site. This is the fastest scalable way to check if your product actually fits your audience's requests.

A visitor entering your web page for the first time must understand clearly which problem is being solved by your product. So, the text they see should be distilled to the essence, at the same time being perfectly resonating with their problem.

Before digging deep into full-scale design works I definitely recommend making a simple prototype. It should clearly bring up ideas and solutions which could get a positive response from your visitor's mind.

Your website appearance should be neat and crisp. The most important task of the whole design is simple - augment your text and solutions you offer.

Next, your first-time visitors should get directly into the sales funnel. It's here where a prospect turns into a subscriber, and later on - into a customer. If the product you sell is expensive, it may take some time for a visitor to make a decision to buy.

Driving your customer right down the way to the purchase, first give him something valuable for free in exchange for his email address and subscription. Having that it may take just a right sequence of emails to convert a doubtful passer-by into a customer ready for purchase.

Chances are that you already heard all this before. However, if this still doesn't turn into a simple list of actions to perform, here I am again. I will make a comprehensive analysis of your website and give you clear step-by-step instructions what should be done to increase your revenue.

Your site will go through the 360-degree audit and I will provide you what and how should be improved, from design to sales funnel, automated email marketing and customer acquisition. This service costs $1000. You will receive your review within five working days after the purchase.

Get a review of your website

You may also be interested in additional services we offer on Foculty. Here you may hand over to our team some boring and time-consuming tasks that you don't have time to perform by yourself, such as automated email marketing, lead search, and others.

Marketing gigs on Foculty

Vladimir Kudinov. Fail Enhance
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